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Helping EVERY child thrive
Child and youth mental health services with an Occupational Therapist (OT)

                                                        Why OT for your  child's                                                                mental health needs?                                                                       Because an OT can meet you                                                          and your child where you're                                                         at- at home or in the                                                                        community where your child                                                        feels most safe, or where your                                                        child is most struggling.           There she can get a full understanding of your child and their situation, help you better understand how your child responds to the world and what he/she finds stressful or calming, and offer practical body based and environmental strategies specific for those situations and environments he/she finds herself in. 


OTs can work with children with various needs and diagnosis, including anxiety, ADHD, PTSD, past trauma, ODD, OCD, ASD, attachment disorders, explosive behaviors, emotional difficulties, and more!


Plus, OT's have training in child development, physical and mental disorders, and an all-of-life lens, so they can help out when your child is also struggling with things like toileting, sleeping, getting ready in the morning, eating, play, or school skills. 

Learn more: Check out our                             or our                          

 Or                                  littlebirdpediatricot@gmail.com/                                                              778-887-0082



Learn strategies for home and school, read about Occupational Therapy in pediatric mental health, and find new resources