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If your child struggles with managing their emotions, with explosive behaviors, impulsivity, distractibility, inability to calm themselves when upset, over-sensitivity to sensory input, extreme hyper-activity, difficulty sitting still, or sensory or body based reactions to trauma, you've come to the right place.

Aspiring Pilot

Why? The body is the foundation of all our thinking, feeling, and learning. What we see, hear, touch with our fingers, smell, feel inside our gut, sense as we move, feel against our body etc. is how we first learn about the world and its how we continue to learn, experience, and regulate ourselves. The body is the easiest way to find comfort, its how we can ground ourselves when we're stressed or antsy, its how we play and explore, its where we recognize our emotions, it's where our emotions are influenced, its where trauma is stored and needs to ultimately be healed. This is why the body and the senses are where we start in helping children regulate their emotions and behaviors, improve their attention, control impulses, and heal from stressful events.

**Little Bird is not currently taking new clients for in- person services. Please contact me for information about virtual services or in person services through another company**


At Little Bird, we use a holistic body based perspective starting with the senses and using an all of life, integrative lens utilizing things such as mindfulness, music, sensory exploration, yoga, art, nutrition, daily routine, play, biofeedback and nature to help children regulate and gain a greater awareness of their bodies.