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My Name is Robyn and I'm a Registered Occupational Therapist in Vancouver, BC and a Registered Autism Service Provider. I'm currently working at Wonderkids OT in East Vancouver. I have 6 years of OT experience working with kids from toddlers to late teens with a variety of diagnosis or difficulties including Anxiety, Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, FASD, OCD, Depression, PTSD, attachment disorders, PDD, developmental delay or undiagnosed behaviour or emotional difficulties, plus additional OT experience with adults and work and volunteer experience supporting adults with special needs, teaching, and tutoring. My passion is helping children thrive and be their best selves by meeting them where they're at, working to understand how they see and experience the world, and finding practical, everyday strategies for whatever environment they find themselves in.


​I believe in a comprehensive framework that considers a child's sensory needs and responses (their unique way of perceiving, feeling, and responding to the world), their cognitive abilities, thoughts, and emotions, their physical abilities, all the environments they find themselves in and the people and relationships in those, and all they need and want to do- only in looking at all these things can we truly understand a child and work to help them. ​


I have my Masters in Occupational Therapy from the University of Alberta and additional training and professional development such as the Star Institute For Sensory Processing's Level one Intensive Mentorship Program, the Certified ADHD Professional Intensive Training Course, "Sensory Processing, Attachment and Trauma informed care", "Psycho-Sensory Interventions", "Practical Strategies to Reduce Anxiety and Challenging Behaviour in Students", "Two Day Intensive Executive Function Seminar", and more workshops and tons of (ongoing!) research and reading related to sensory processing and sensory strategies, parenting and co-regulation strategies, ADHD, ASD, executive functioning, building social-emotional competencies, trauma, attachment and motor development.

I love reading, learning, and writing- so I decided to make this website to share some of what I learn and hopefully help others. I'll be adding and changing it as I learn more. I hope you find it useful.

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