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Little Bird is a Vancouver Based Occupational Therapy service which aims to help children with various mental health and developmental needs thrive and be their best selves. We use the body and sensation as the foundation and utilize various evidence based sensory, social-emotional, and cognitive strategies through play to help children with sensory regulation, emotional regulation, executive functioning, motor development and independence. 

We provide Occupational Therapy services to children aged 0-18 with or without a diagnosis in Vancouver who are struggling with emotional  or behavioural regulation, sensory processing, motor and adaptive skills. 

Typical needs we address include:

  • Sensory Processing/ Integration difficulties:

    • significant sensitivities towards certain sensory input such as sounds or touch input

    • picky eating

    • difficulties with motor planning, coordination, or gross motor development

    • under responsiveness to sensory input 

    • difficulties with body awareness

    • disruptive sensory seeking

  • emotional difficulties:

    • anxious temperaments

    • difficulties with emotional regulation

    •  atypical behavioural responses

    • demand avoidance

  • self regulation:

    • impulsivity

    • attention difficulties

    • challenges with planning and self organization

  • Fine motor challenges:

    • difficulties with printing, laces, delays In fine motor development, 

  • struggles with social and play skills

  • difficulties with self care skills :

    • challenges with dressing, potty training or sleep.

Learn more: Check out our                                                                           Or                                                          at   778-887-0082

Why Start with the senses?

Our sensory system is the foundation for everything we feel and do because everything we experience and know comes first from our senses- from what we see, hear, smell, touch, etc.

 Sensory Processing refers to how our bodies receive, interpret, organize, and help us respond to sensory information. We are all unique in our sensory processing and many things can affect our sensory processing including neurobiological differences we're born with, stressful events, attachment disruptions, our emotions, and life experiences. 

At Little Bird, we start with sensory processing- children need to be able to make sense of their worlds and their bodies in order respond appropriately, regulate, and learn. If they over or under respond to sensory information, if they don't get enough of certain sensory input to feel grounded, if they have a poor sense of their body in space, if traumatic experiences continue to trigger them with sensory memories, they will have a hard time regulating their emotions, controlling behaviors, coordinating their bodies, paying attention, and learning.

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