Parent Consultation: Often emotional struggles, unique sensory needs, and behavioral difficulties require every day environmental, routine, and activity strategies. An occupational therapist can help you understand how to best structure your child's environment and routine, and how to naturally integrate calming strategies throughout their day to help them overall feel more calm and to be able to better manage challenging emotions and/or behaviors. An OT might also consult around nutrition, exercise, sleep, and other daily activities that have an improtant role to play in regulation. Consultations would be completed on an as needed basis, with caregivers implementing strategies. 

If your child is already seeing a counselor, an occupational therapy consultation can help a counselor better understand what makes your child feel calm and safe, and can help your child feel more regulated to better participate in counselling sessions.

School Consultation: An Occupational Therapist can  communicate with the school team and observe your child at school to provide strategies regarding environmental set up, routines, and calming activities to help your child with attention and managing behaviors at school.