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Parent Consultation:  We understand that regular occupational therapy sessions are not feasible for everyone. We offer parent phone and video consultation sessions where you can chat with a registered occupational therapist to problem solve difficulties you and your child might be having at home or school and find strategies.


We acknowledge that an occupational therapist would be able to best understand your child and what might be underlying their challenges by meeting them in clinic and completing a comprehensive assessment, or by getting to know them through OT sessions, but a phone consultation might help with finding some basic strategies such as how to better structure your child's environment and routine, how to naturally integrate calming strategies throughout their day to help them overall feel more calm and to be able to better manage challenging emotions and/or behaviours, or they might be able to recommend helpful books or resources. 

An initial intake form with background information would have to be completed prior to this consultation, and any previously completed reports or assessments would help the OT better understand your child to make recommendations. 

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