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Virtual Consultation

 I understand that regular Occupational Therapy sessions are not feasible for everyone or some families may not be able to access OT services due to long waitlists or lack of OT services in their area. I offer parent phone and video consultation sessions for families living in BC where you can chat with a registered Occupational Therapist to:

  • problem solve difficulties you and your child might be having at home or school

  • find strategies for home or school for emotional, sensory, behavioural, self care, fine motor, or developmental challenges

  • find how to better structure your child's environment and routine to support them and their needs

  • help better understand your child and their sensory profile, challenges, and strengths

  • better understand a recent diagnosis, such as ASD or ADHD and find supports

  • be directed towards helpful resources


I recognize that an Occupational Therapist can best understand a child and their needs in person through a comprehensive assessment or through getting to know them during OT sessions, therefore virtual consultation rates reflect this difference in service provision. 

You will be asked to complete a thorough intake form and a sensory questionnaire prior to virtual consultation in order to make best use of the consultation time and provide the OT with needed background information. Additional information in the form of videos or assessment previous reports may also assist in providing a more comprehensive consultation. 

*to avoid conflict of interest with my current in-person work, I will NOT be providing consultative services to families living in the Vancouver area (including North Vancouver and Burnaby)*

Virtual/ Phone Consultation rates:

$90.00/ hour

Fill out the contact form                 to inquire about consultative services

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