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We offer various groups based on need and interest. These will either be led by an experienced OT, or a BC certified teacher with certificates in leading outdoor activities and outdoor first aid and monitored by an OT. Prices will vary. See below for groups we are currently offering and hope to offer in the future. ​

​Future groups: 

  • Zones of Regulation

    • This group would be best for children who are not current OT clients and who want some general work around self regulation. Using the language and curriculum familiar to the classrooms, this group helps children learn to recognize what their bodies are telling them and to find strategies specific to them and different arousal levels​

  • Yoga

    • helping children to pay attention to their body and to control their movements and their breath to self regulate​

  • Social groups​

    • Games and community activities to work on self regulation, social skills, and community independence​

  • Hiking day trips

    • using movement and outdoor exploration to regulate emotions and behaviors​ and/or work on motor skills

  • ADHD and impulse control group

    • using play and mindfulness to create space between thoughts and feelings and actions​

  • Outdoor adventures​

    • Various sports activities to work on emotional regulation and social-emotional skills. Activities include climbing, hiking, kayaking, and canoeing.​​​

  • Camping trips​

    • These are intensive multi day adventures for adolescents or teens to work through social emotional challenges.​

Kids Playing Tug of War
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