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Ongoing Therapy

​OT sessions are play based, family centered, and child led in order to maximize engagement, learning, and carry over to the home and community. Sessions may involve any of the following, as needed:

  • movement and sensory activities designed specifically to address sensory processing difficulties specific to the child such as sensory over-responsivity, under-responsivity, or difficulties making sense of sensory information.

  • movement and play to work on motor planning and coordination difficulties

  • activities to improve postural control

  • Using the zones of regulation curriculum to help kids listen to their bodies and learn to self regulate by finding tools and strategies unique to the child and finding ways to integrate those into home and school

  • practicing self regulation through various games and activities

  • helping kids understand their body and their senses through interoception curriculums and activities

  • fine motor activities and printing practice

  • using the senses to create safety and a space for processing trauma

  • learning impulse control through different games and activities

  • working through social thinking materials to better learn to play with others, follow "group plans", and self regulate through increased flexibility and evaluation of problems.

  • coaching parents around co-regulating their child, responding to big emotions and difficult behaviours, and supporting their child with anxiety. 

  • taming 'worry dragons' to address anxiety and fight worry thoughts

  • learning practical strategies to re-engage in every day life after a crisis

  • practicing self care skills such as dressing or brushing teeth

  • addressing picky eating through the SOS feeding approach

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