Ongoing Therapy

Regular sessions can be completed at a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. These could involve:

  • exploring the senses and finding tools and strategies unique to the child

  • helping them understand their body and their senses

  • practicing of sensory calming strategies

  • using the senses to create safety and a space for processing trauma

  • learning self regulation using the 'zones of regulation', mindfulness, yoga, or other mind-body techniques

  • practicing impulse control through play

  • taming 'worry dragons' to address anxiety

  • learning practical strategies to re-engage in every day life after a crisis

  • practicing mental flexibility

  • gradual exposure to feared sensations such as new textures (for children who have anxieties towards getting their hands dirty or new tactile experiences), new movements (for children fearful of slides, swings, being tipped back for diaper changes, or who get carsick easily), new situations (gradual exposure to social situations, for example) or new foods (for picky eaters).